Study In South Cyprus

Cyprus is situated in the northern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. It shares boarders with Turkey and Greece. In 2004, Cyprus officially became a member of the European Union (EU) and thus essentially became the bridge between Europe, middle east and the rest of the world. Having emerged as one of the region’s leading business and financial centers, it enjoys competitive advantages in areas such as tourism, consultancy, shipping, telecommunications, banking and insurance. Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Apart from the light rainy season between November and March, Cyprus is sunny most of the time.

Giving these characteristics, Cyprus has become a major international education center, attracting scholars and students from all corners of the world. It is no wonder that its cultural diversity makes it a forum for international understanding and peace.

Why Choose South Cyprus:

  • Study in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Beautiful Mediterranean climate.
  • Admission without IELTS.
  • Lower cost of living and study than other European countries.
  • Study and work with all the benefits of the European Union. Please note that we are not guaranteeing you a job in Cyprus. Students will have to search for jobs by themselves.